If you see  warning symbol on dashboard your car, when ignition key is switched first, this alert is normal. This alert should disappear after a few seconds.

If this   warning does not disappear on dashboard after car engine is started, it means the brake system is malfunctioning.

What's the meaning of abs in car?

ABS means  Anti-Lock Braking System that prevents the wheels of a vehicle from locking up under emergency, panic, or harsh braking conditions. 


Anti-Lock Braking System working principle

The vehicles have wheel speed sensors and these speed sensors are placed on the wheels. While the vehicle is in motion, speed sensors send the wheel speed as a signal. After the speed sensors detect that the speed of any of the wheels has decreased significantly compared to the others, the ECU sends the signal to the respective wheel's valves to reduce the brake pressure and the valves close.

After that, the wheels start to accelerate again and a signal is sent to the ECU once again, which sends a signal to open the valve and increase the brake pressure and hence the brakes are applied. This cycle repeats itself until application of the brakes returns to normal.

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The ABS warning light comes on in combination with the brake warning light when there is an antilock brake malfunction, if it doesn't work properly